Photonics is a key pervasive technology that enables innovative and revolutionary solutions and products in diverse markets such as lifescience, agrofood, healthcare, security, defence, consumer, environment, energy, telecom/datacom… The photonics industry is going through a transformation due to the maturity of the technologies and the fact that the implementation of these mature technologies is economically viable. The industry is going through numerous acquisitions, and there are many companies raising capital ( – spreadsheets “List of investments in photonics” & “List of M&A in photonics”).

Yet the photonics industry is hard to navigate both because of the vast amount of companies (there are 5000 companies in Europe involved in Photonics but 86% of them are SMEs), and the intrinsic fact that there are no ‘photonics’ companies but rather companies that develop sensors, lasers, optics, fibres, photonic integrated circuits, …

Photonics is Everywhere!

EPIC has published a video, with more than 24000 views so far, providing examples of photonic applications, you can watch it on Video: Photonics is Everywhere!


To support the development of the industry, EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium) has 3 key people available to support you:

Carlos Lee
Carlos Lee
Director General

Carlos Lee, Director General, with over 10.000 contacts in the photonics industry is one of the best connected people in the field. He brings with him a strong background in microelectronics which was acquired through several management positions held at the international association SEMI. Carlos has a BBA in Finance and an MBA in Leadership & Change Management from United Business Institutes.

Dr. Jose Pozo
Dr. Jose Pozo
Director of Technology and Innovation

Jose Pozo, Director of Technology, spends half of his time exploring the potential of emerging companies, their technologies and applications. He has 15 years background in photonics technology and market knowledge. Jose is a member of the board of the IEEE Photonics Society, Benelux. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Bristol, U.K., and a M.Sc. and B.Eng. in telecom engineering.

Anna Feis
Anna Feis
Administration, CFO and Photonics Investment Advisor

Anna Feis, with a background as financial controller and wealth management, Anna now facilitates the connection between the investment community and the photonics industry. Her focus is on understanding investor priorities/criteria and matching it with industry opportunities. She holds a BSBA in International Business from the University of Denver and a Master of Science in History from the University of Edinburgh.

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EPIC is a non-profit association that personally engages selected companies and individuals for match making their interests and objectives with regards to company development and investment plans. We do not charge a fee for our match making services related to investment/funding.

Please contact us if you would like to remain in touch. An upcoming opportunity is the European Photonics Investment Forum (2-3 June and 2 EPIC market update sessions of which the next sessions will be dedicated to “Datacenters” and ”Wearable Electronics”. Would you like to join or receive a copy of these reports? Would you like to be added to our distribution list or schedule a phone/video call for us to understand your investment priorities and help scout potential companies? You are welcome to contact