December 2017
  • New Members: Femtika, WZW Optics, Photonicsys, Admesy, Jolt Capital, Laservision
  • Outreach: Ushio, EdgeTech Scientific, Dynotech Instruments, Mehta, SLTL, Photonics Watertech, Powency Circuits, UGAM Beam Science, Swastik Laser Technologies, Black Jack Metals, Prakash, Angel India, Lightmotif, MILSTAR, Eagle Photonics, Advanced Photonics, SM Creative Electronics, PARTH, ELE Times, Politecnico de Milano
  • EPIC attends ENGIMACH exhibition in Ahmedabad
  • EPIC presents welcome at entrepreneurship event “Let us grow together” in Mumbai
  • EPIC makes presentation at SEAFOM in London
  • EPIC attends H2020 PASSION project kick-off meeting
  • EPIC attends the Pilot Line day organized by the EU with representatives of the 4 pilot lines (MIRPHAB, PIXAPP, PIX4LIFE and PI
  • SCALE) and the support centre ACTPHAST
  • EPIC publishes article on the EPIC Workshop on PICs in Japan (PIC Magazine)