A scanner controls the direction of an outgoing laser beam to acquire 2D or 3D images for a variety of applications.

Main scanner types are:

  • 3D scanners fuse multiple snapshots of an object to create an exact three-dimensional copy of the object. Applications include gaming, VR/AR, robotic mapping, and industrial design. Also used in some kinds of LIDAR devices for sending measurement beam in different directions.
  • Laser scanning microscopes and optical coherence tomography (OCT) devices acquire images sequentially, pixel by pixel and are indispensable imaging devices in biotech and diagnostics in ophthalmology.
  • Galvanometric scanners use motorized mirror mounts and systems for the ultra-fast steering of laser beams with incredible accuracy and precision. Used for materials processing, manufacturing, packaging, cutting, marking, and welding.
  • Polygon scanners used for medical applications such as skin treatment and retinal scanning.
  • Systems for beam steering and stabilization


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Antonio Castelo, PhD
Antonio Castelo, PhD
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