Photonics sensors are spurring the development of new, powerful sensing instruments for a wide range of applications.

Main sensor types are:

  • Proximity laser and IR sensors for detecting the presence of nearby objects used, e.g., in smartphones, manufacturing and LiDAR systems for autonomous driving
  • Pyrometers use the colour spectrum of the visible light to determine high temperature measurements at a distance mainly for oil and gas and heavy industry.
  • Photodetectors transform light into electrical signals for use, e.g., in video imaging, optical communications, night-vision and gas sensing.
  • Infrared sensors use unique adsorption spectrums for real-time detection of, e.g., diseases and the emission of toxic gases.
  • Fibre optic sensors reflect particular wavelengths of light for highly sensitive monitoring of extremes of pressure and temperature for heavy industry, and vibrations for structural health monitoring.
Technology Specialist
Ivan Nikitski, PhD
Ivan Nikitski, PhD
Technology Manager for Quantum and PICs